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 You can now contact me on  my name on there is indigo vision and my pin number is 6100 ask for me directly and they will put you through to me!!!

      kayleigh thompson, owner of Indigo Vision. she has worked and continues to work with the likes of Crystal Chilton, Melayne Stone and Agnes Freeman some of the top psychics of Psychic Interactive TV and the UK top 10...

      Indigo Vision is a company that strives to find the good in people, kayleigh has seen many things and given advice to people from across the world.Kayleigh provides clear sight in situations that other people may not be able to see clearly, she works closely with others to ensure that her clients views are heard and appreciated.

      Kayleigh may be young but has been through enough to know that life is hard and can sometimes prove too much. at a young age she has had to deal with things that most people would not have experienced, Kayleigh knew that she had to use her gifts, giving her the push to continue her career as a psychic.

     Indigo Vision started to shape form when she inquired into Princes Trust to help her start the company. Kayleigh now works hard to advertise and bring other psychics to the bigger picture. Her main objective is to create a space on the internet, where clients, psychics and healers can join together as one body.also looking towards merchandising and giving people access to the tools of the trade. Many people confuse psychics with witches and fortune tellers, in reality being a psychic is much harder and more like the position of a doctor/counsellor. With Indigo Vision you can be assured that total privacy is given. Everything that you converse about is in confidence, at Indigo Vision you can find the perfect psychic for you.

If anymore answers are needed then, please feel free to contact the company on the 'contact us' page. Of course if you would just like to leave a comment about the service you received then please do so on the feed-back page.

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